Thanks for taking your time to stop by and catch a glimpse of my world.
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Let's start with you

- you believe that if ‘plan A’ didn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters

- you ask ‘why’ first instead of saying ‘no’

- you believe passion and energy are priceless

- you believe business is built on relationships

- you are fearful of mediocrity

- you feel your fear, acknowledge it, and keep moving
- you commit passionately to getting things done

- you welcome change because boredom is your enemy
- you smile regularly and like to laugh

If the answer to most of the questions is ‘yes’, then let me introduce myself.


Who I am

I love social media for the community it creates. During my 6 years working in digital marketing in Finland, Spain, Latvia and India – focusing particularly on community management, brand advocacy and content production - I have learned that truth is what people believe it to be; perception is reality. Social only accelerates this. I want to meet people at their truth, figure out what the brand means to them and help connect that perception with where the brand wants to be. I believe that my mission is to flex the brand and embrace opportunities that give more credibility to the people. And on the way there - enjoy the ride at 110%.

Traits that distinguish me? I do not just talk about it. Instead, I be about it. For me it is really about using less words and being pro-active in delivering outstanding results.

Long-term goals? I passionately pursuit my short-term goals. Not that I do not have long-term goals. I just believe that if I focus too far in front of me, I will not see the shiny thing out the corner of my eye. Yet, if I have to name a few words characterizing my long-term goals - learn as much as I can about as much as I can; take pride in whatever I do; share experiences; surface opportunities and make sure that whatever I do I leave it better than I started.


My work

My previous experiences span across Digital and Brand Influencer Marketing in the Technology industry, Brand Communications in the Legal industry as well as Visual Communications in the Beauty and Fashion industry. During my years of experience there have been days when I have felt like a squirrel running around with a yogurt cup stuck in my head. Yet, most of the time I have felt like a rocking surf dog having my perfect wave and enjoying my work tremendously. During my career at Nokia and Microsoft I have had a unique opportunity to work across organization keeping a finger on the pulse of our brand communities and fostering relationships with numerous lifestyle audiences. Being part of the Global Digital Marketing team, I have been working hand-in-hand with various teams in a matrix organization to leverage and roll-out strategic brand experiences with social media at the heart. Some of my projects include the Burton US Open Snowboarding Championships, Sundance London film festival, Red Bull Art of Motion, Social Media Week, Talenthouse and youth and pop culture provocateurs - Dazed & Confused Digital. My job has always been all about creating exciting experiences that enable our brand ambassadors to demonstrate our beloved products to new audiences and more importantly – to inspire them to create amazing content. For more details visit my LinkedIn profile.

Say hello

Thanks for stopping by to take a look at my profile. Hope you enjoyed. The best part of being on social media is hearing from other folks around the globe. So, if you would like to ask something about my career development, or perhaps something to do with social media - branding, or maybe just say hello :), then I would love to hear from you. Feel free to drop me a note at elina.strode[at]hotmail.com.

Have a lovely day ahead!